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Booker accused of misrepresenting BBC over global warming

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From BBC producer Jonathan Renouf on Comment is Free

In his Telegraph article, Christopher Booker suggests that when we discussed the satellite temperature records we allowed contributor Dr Roy Spencer to admit that there had been an error, but didn’t allow him to go on and say that once he corrected for this the results were the same. But in the film, Dr Spencer makes clear that his corrections did change the results. Here, for the avoidance of doubt, is the exact quote:

I think when we made that correction I – if I’m remembering correctly – I think we went from a, a cooling trend to a slight warming trend and then ever since then it’s been a warming trend, actually by sort of ever increasing amounts.

In addition, Mr Booker says that we truncated a graph to reinforce a point attacking the Channel 4 documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle. Actually we went back to the scientists whose work formed the basis of the original graph in the Channel 4 programme, and asked them for their latest published data. Which we then faithfully reproduced…

Today, the overwhelming majority of climate scientists would, I think, agree with three propositions. First, the climate is in a warming trend. Second, that most of this warming trend is down to human emissions of greenhouse gases. And third, that if emissions continue to rise then the result will be continued warming which will become damaging to human society. It’s also true to say that – here in Britain – all the main political parties accept that global warming is real, and that it’s a threat to society. In America, both candidates for the presidency take the same view. Most major corporations are also in the same camp.

Given the above, it would have required a major rewriting of history to conclude the series by saying – as some of our critics would have liked – that global warming is a con (or even a plot), whipped up by wussy liberal scientists with a vested interest in perpetuating the “myth” of warming

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2 Responses

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  1. Climate science is heavily politicised. Most of us, including scientists have come to that conclusion. Data is manipulated, hidden or deleted if it comes to the ‘wrong” conclusion.This is why climatologists have become the laughing stock of the scientific community. Does Richard reside in a pretend cloud coo-coo land? If astrologers/climatologists (very much two of a kind) told him the world was warming because of the current position of Sirius and mysterious ice crystals hidden deep in the Australian barrier reef, would he believe them? Would he unquestioningly believe such if it came from the BBC? From what I’ve read to now, I’d say most of this blog at best is naive and at worst, wacky conspiracy theorist junk.

    Andrew Miles

    September 21, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    • Well thanks for reading the blog! I’m sure that the BBC can speak for themselves but in terms of the science, my take would be: Yes, the findings of climate science are quite troubling, but you either accept the validity of scientific methods or you don’t – and if science is saying something that we find disturbing – be that the link between HIV and AIDS, smoking and cancer or the link between C02 and climate change, it may not be so wise to dismiss that evidence as “politicised”… Maybe if we acknowledge the problem we improve the chances of mitigating the worst of it?

      Richard Wilson

      September 24, 2012 at 2:32 pm

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